Bob Lee of Columbus Girls Academy

teen challenge boarding schoolsBob & Karla Lee, Executive Directors, Teen Challenge Southeast and Columbus Girls Academy Bob Lee and his wife Karla are the executive directors of Columbus Girls Academy, a first-class residential program near Columbus, Georgia.  Bob and Karla are licensed and ordained ministers and bring nearly 2 decades of leadership and ministry experience to the Columbus Girls Academy.  CGA is a successful and thriving Christian therapeutic boarding school for struggling teen girls. Bob says, “We believe in teenagers! We also know there is a genuine battle for every young person’s mind and soul. We believe that a student’s potential is unlimited when given the right opportunity. Through the years, we have witnessed one life transformation after another, and that fuels our passion for helping teens and families every day.” Bob Lee’s prior background in management and sales provided a foundation for leadership development and ministry training.  Bob Lee also serves as the Adolescent Division Leader for Teen Challenge Southeast, providing leadership and oversight to six adolescent programs.  He is also appointed to the Missions Task Force for Teen Challenge Southeast, providing direction and leadership for youth’s overseas mission opportunities. Karla Lee has dedicated her life to serving in full-time ministry.  After earning a degree in Pastoral studies with a Minor in Youth Ministry, she worked in several leading ministries across the U.S.  She served for several years with women off the street in New York City with Teen Challenge. Bob and Karla Lee have equipped a qualified team dedicated to the cause of a teen’s healthy spiritual, emotional, and physical development, dedicated to providing teens and families a quality life-changing experience at CGA.

ABOUT COLUMBUS GIRLS ACADEMY The Columbus Girls Academy Teen Challenge adolescent girls program is a Christian boarding school that provides education, counseling, and training for girls ages 13 to 17 with life-controlling problems. The program is located in Seale, Alabama, on a 200-acre campus. There are four student dorms, a recreation building, school, pool, laundry facility, education building, office, and main lodge situated on the lake where the dining hall, kitchen, and offices are contained. The school provides a disciplined and structured environment that emphasizes character development and personal responsibility. The program is 15 months in length and is designed to develop the whole person in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic, and physical. The program’s goal is to develop students who make positive decisions based on mandatory compliance but rather where positive choices are made because of genuine concern for themselves and others. The program provides pastoral counseling individually and in group meetings. Community service, special projects, outings, and mission trips help students become focused on others rather than themselves.