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Searching for Teen Challenge Boarding Schools in Virginia or Teen Challenge Programs in Virginia?

teen challengeWhile you are looking at these Teen Challenge programs and other therapeutic boarding schools in Virginia, would you consider a Teen Challenge program that is a distance away from you? Teen Challenge boarding schools typically work with youth outside of their area, not ones from homes within 100 miles. This is to prevent runaway attempts.

Teen Challenge Only Enrolls Teens in Virginia Who Struggle with Academics and Their Behavior

Unlike traditional boarding schools in Virginia, Teen Challenge is uniquely equipped to work with struggling adolescents who are spiraling out of control or showing disrespect for authority, rage, self-harm, academic difficulties, substance abuse, or discord with family and others. It excels in its dedication to helping boys and girls from across the USA attain lasting life change and a new chance for a strong future. As a Christian therapeutic boarding school, Teen Challenge helps change come from the inside out.

The cost of Teen Challenge boarding schools in Virginia or elsewhere may be less than you might imagine.

teen challengeIn addition to being a therapeutic and life-transforming program, Teen Challenge boarding schools also excel in their academics, with fully equipped school facilities and certified teachers on campus every day. Credits are transferable back to the child’s school back home, and diplomas are awarded to teens who graduate while in a Teen Challenge school. Their dedication to helping boys and girls to grow behaviorally, spiritually, and in character is matched by their desire to provide boys and girls with quality education and quality care.

Teens Come to Teen Challenge Schools in Virginia from All Across America

Adolescent girls and boys attend Teen Challenge from around the country, including Virginia. Most Teen Challenge students are from homes several hundred miles away from the campus. We find it valuable for teens to grow in a new environment far away from their old peer groups who may be near Virginia. Teen Challenge boarding schools provide a dynamic team of dedicated individuals who provide each student with an atmosphere of love when they are at their worst. Teens who are in our care attend individual and group counseling and spiritual guidance. Teens proceed through five phases of growth until they gain a new mindset and are ready to return to normal life at home. Beyond planned sessions, therapy happens as teens interact with our team of Christian mentors and staff during class time, recreation, meals, and even chores. Our staff reside with the teens in the residence halls and humbly impart their lives out of a wish to deeply influence the teens.

Teen Challenge Residents Learn to Help the Community As Well

Another major sign of growth is an attitude of service and giving to others. Teen Challenge wholeheartedly emphasizes community involvement and giving through serving. Teen Challenge teens serve one another, serve the community and learn to serve the world. Service occurs on campus; through local trips to soup kitchens, churches, and parks; and in missions experiences such as building homes for the disadvantaged. Fostering growth in teens means teaching them how to give to others, and we make an effort to lead by example. The volunteer work is completely charitable and unpaid.

While Looking for a Therapeutic School in Virginia, Please Also Consider a Teen Challenge in the Nearby States Like Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, Since Every Teen Challenge Program Has its Own Strengths

Please consider looking beyond Virginia, to see how Teen Challenge’s one-of-a-kind program can bring restoration to your family. Of the families Teen Challenge has served over the past 6 decades, more than 80% say that they have experienced healing. To find out more, we invite you to investigate each Teen Challenge program in Virginia and other therapeutic schools listed on this site.

If Teen Challenge is not going to work for your teen, we’ll put you in touch with other Teen Challenge programs near Virginia. We’re here to help you either way. Please call or inquire online.

Teen Challenge stands out in its dedication to helping teens who are struggling with grades, motivations, or behavior.

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Excerpt about Teen Challenge programs for adolescents in Virginia, used with permission from Wikipedia.

Teen Challenge Christian Boarding Schools Enroll Youth from Virginia Who are Struggling